Let's get focused.
JANUARY 8 - 28

In January, we take time to focus on God, His calling on our lives, and what He may be saying to us + our church. Join us as we commit these 21 days to the Lord and believe for change in ourselves, our families, our church, and our city.

Fasting is an important spiritual discipline, allowing us to shift our focus from physical to spiritual. There are many ways to fast, so we encourage you to pray and ask God what He may be asking you to put down.
We ask you to set aside one hour a day to pray. We join Church of the Highlands every morning during First Focus at 6am (Click "PRAY" for the link!). You can also join us at 9am on Saturday mornings for our church prayer call.

Check out our First Focus Prayer Guide!

This document contains helpful insights on how to fast, ways to fast, and specific prayers for our country, community, families, etc. This resource also contains information on prayer and fasting mentioned throughout the Bible and prayers taken from scripture to help you pray throughout these 21 days.

There are many ways to get involved corporately!
  1. Tune in to www.churchofthehighlands.com/live at 6am CST Monday through Friday.
  2. Join our CityHeart Prayer Team at 9am on Saturday mornings. You can click "SATURDAY MORNING PRAYER" below for the link!
  3. Come to CityHeart every Wednesday throughout First Focus for worship + prayer at 7pm! Join us in our corporate meeting space to pray, worship, and connect in faith for the things we are believing for. Our prayer team is available throughout the night for any prayer needs you may have.
6am Prayer Saturday Morning Prayer Call