We know how important it is that you feel taken care of while we are taking care of your little ones, so we're always here to answer questions or concerns you may have. Our top priority is the safety of your children and the comfort of the parents, so if there is anything we can do ensure that, don't hesitate to reach out to kids@cityheartjackson.com.


How many leaders serve with CityHeart Kids on a Sunday?

Typically, we have 1 Coordinator, 3 teachers & 3 assistant teachers. We also have helpers. There are 3 of them that assist alongside the teachers. 

How can I get involved with helping in Kids?

First, tell someone you want to get involved by filling out a Connect Card, coming to MOVE Party, or mentioning to our anyone on our lead team. From there, someone will let the lead coordinator know, and she will follow up with you. Follow up involves discussing CityHeart Kids, what that looks like, and where you possibly fit in!

What security measures does CityHeart have in place for Kids?

Security starts with a background check on every volunteer that is involved with CityHeart Kids. We also have orientation for new volunteers that go over security procedures, which includes lockdown measures, fire evacuation, and day-to-day activities/procedures that keep our children safe. We have name tags upon check-in, given to the parent and child for identification purposes and pick-up. The name tag indicates the child's name, a personal code for drop/pick-up, and noted allergies.

When can I drop my kids off? When do I need to pick them up by?

Kids can be dropped off as early as 8am on Sunday morning (for volunteers that need childcare). Service kids can be dropped off as early as 9am. Pickup is about 11am-11:30am.

Does CityHeart run background checks on leaders in Kids?

Yes, Background checks are done on all individuals that express interest in volunteering in CityHeart Kids.