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The purpose of the Experience Team is to transform the building we meet in to a unique, warm, and inviting space. We believe that there is excellence in the details and our guests deserve a space where their needs are anticipated in advance. The Experience Team is responsible for the in-person and online presence through many outlets. We are also responsible for decorations as well as the look and feel of events.

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Online Moderating

Our team manages the online experience on YouTube and Facebook. We greet guests as they join the livestream and give them the avenues they need to connect, give, and grow here at CityHeart. 

Hospitality Set Up

Experience is responsible for ensuring that coffee and tea are set up in the foyer when guests arrive for events and Sunday services as well as setting up the volunteer snack kitchen for Sundays. The team sets up the bathrooms, stocking any necessary items. We also support our pastor/speakers on Sunday by setting up the pastor's room with waters, snacks, and anything else they may need to feel prepared for service. 


Our team handles all the decorations for Sunday services, events, and season changes. Seasonal decorations change periodically throughout the year and include changing the stage, foyer, and any other interior design aspects of the church. Sunday services may include setting out greenery, ensuring the water bottle labels face the same way, and frames are up right. 

Event Planning

The Experience Team gets to plan and set up events at CityHeart: Team Nights, Marriage Intensives, First Wednesdays, holidays, and special Sunday events. Decorations, food, and overall maintenance throughout the events are important aspects of event planning with Experience. 


You know when the Experience team gets together, it's going to be a party!
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Tentative date. More details to come.
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