Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

CityGroups will be from the Fall 2022 through the Spring of 2023. In the past, we have done semester-long CItyGroups, but this time they are year long!

The material being covered in CityGroups is specific to the leader of the group. To find out more information on what is being covered in each CityGroup, you can read the descriptions!

Every CityGroup is different! Some CityGroups offer virtual options, some are in person only, and some are virtual only! The descriptions of the CityGroup will indicate if it’s in person, virtual, or hybrid.

Every CityGroup is different! CityGroup leaders will be reaching out to members of their group about specifics regarding food. If you were wanting to bring food to your CityGroup, reach out to your CityGroup leader and run it past them!

Yes! CityGroups are ongoing and you can join at any time. We encourage you to go ahead and register even after the deadline so the leader can know to expect you!

Welcome to CityHeart! You are able to register year round for CityGroups, so no worries! Our leaders are aware that people may be joining at any point throughout the year and prepared for people to join at whatever point they’re at in their curriculum.