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Partner with CityHeart to see life change happen in our city. Your faith to give means more opportunities for our community to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Every dollar given helps to spread the love of Christ, to witness lives changed, neighborhoods reborn and people motivated to share God’s love as freely as they have received it.

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Give Pledge

These two teams are committed to furthering the vision of CityHeart Church: LEGACY TEAM and AMBASSADOR TEAM.  

Join the Legacy Team
This team is committed to fundraising efforts for Heart for the House.
Team members will assist with things like:

- invite guests to the Fundraiser Dinners

- connect with outside donors

- create new community partnerships 

- assist with legacy fundraisers 

- give above your tithes to HFTH

Join the Ambassador Team

Like to talk and meet new people? Then this team is for you!
This team is committed to inviting new people to our downtown campus. 
Team members will assist with things like:

- spread the word about CityHeart and our downtown campus

- host small get-togethers and briefly share about CityHeart and why you love it

- connect CityHeart with local businesses