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It’s the greatest time of year - Angel Tree is happening from November 12th through December 10th!

Celebrating Christmas is more than the presents, the festivities, and the lights - it's ultimately about God’s greatest gift to us - the gift of Jesus and eternal life. As Christians, we get to celebrate God’s generous gift by generously giving to others, and at CityHeart, we do this through Angel Tree. 

Angel Tree is a service opportunity for our church to make a real difference in the lives of students and parents at Kirksey Middle School. It's an initiative that allows us to share the joy of Christmas with those who may be facing difficult circumstances, ensuring that no one is left out during this season of love and generosity.

How it Works:

  1. Our Angel Tree stands as a symbol of hope and unity. It's adorned with tags, each representing a gift request from a student.
  2. You select an angel tag and purchase the gift request. You can do this two ways: old-fashioned (get it from the store) or purchase directly from Amazon (it’ll send it right to us!). *IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a tag is taken from the tree, it needs to be purchased and returned to us so we can ensure that the child gets their present.*
  3. Bring the gift to CityHeart by December 10th and drop it in the designated Angel Tree drop-off area.
  4. If you’re gift-wrapping savvy, save the date for December 13th to help us wrap them all!
    Come out on December 16th for Distribution Day, when the parents come to pick up the presents! It’s an amazing opportunity to pray with others and spread the love of Jesus.
Register for the gift wrapping night!